Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines

1. Authenticity Matters:

Share your recent, genuine experiences with our website’s news content. Incentivized reviews will be removed. If you’ve received an incentive, report it via [email protected].

2. Valuable Feedback:

Contribute reviews to provide feedback to companies and share experiences. Every experience, regardless of size, is valuable, whether it’s an interaction with a company’s content or services.

3. Recency Is Key:

Focus on sharing experiences from the past 12 months to ensure relevance. Nostalgic stories are intriguing, but priority lies in recent insights for current consumers seeking up-to-date information.

4. Accuracy and Impartiality:

Reviews must accurately represent your experiences, not fabricated or on behalf of others. If closely associated with, work for, or compete with a company, refrain from reviewing it.

5. Incentive Prohibition:

Engaging in actions involving incentives for reviews is prohibited.

6. Documentation for Verification:

Keep documentation (conversations or screenshots) for potential verification.

7. Respectful Contribution:

Maintain a positive, respectful tone. Avoid harmful, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory, or obscene content. Refrain from falsehoods, bullying, blackmail, threats, or illegal activities.

8. Crafting Quality Reviews:

Powerful reviews narrate events, allowing readers to draw conclusions.

9. Platform Neutrality:

Rated News is not a regulatory authority or legal entity and doesn’t intervene in disputes.

10. Relevant Content:

Exclude promotional content, marketing materials, or links from reviews.

11. Protecting Privacy:

Avoid personal information (names, addresses, email addresses) of yourself and others.

12. Accurate Targeting:

Ensure reviews are posted on the appropriate company and country domain.

13. Account Integrity:

Maintain a valid user account with accurate details. Avoid multiple accounts and inappropriate content to prevent deletion.

14. Ownership and Editing:

You own your reviews. Edit, update, or delete them as needed. Add information to existing reviews. Avoid excessive submissions.

15. Reporting Concerns:

Flag problematic reviews with evidence to maintain platform integrity.

16. Consequences of Misuse:

Misuse of the platform can lead to review removal, account suspension, or deletion.

17. Software-Based Monitoring:

Suspicious and fake reviews will be identified and removed.

18. Guideline Interpretation:

The platform reserves the right to interpret and apply guidelines, updating as needed. 


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